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What Okinawa Gin believes

Appreciate the moments of life – this is what Okinawa Gin believes. When you arrive at home, Okinawa Gin relaxes you with its taste and flavor. When you drink at bars, Okinawa Gin are with you in the table in a quiet manner. One minute, one hour, and one day in your life – this is what Okinawa Gin wants to appreciate.

Who produces Okinawa Gin


Masahiro Distillery was founded in 1883 by Shobun Higa. His father – Shozoku Higa (the master chef for Ryuku Kingdom) had an established reputation in Ryuku Kingdom and he was awarded with the license for Awamori  (rice spirits). Shozoku’s passion for cuisines is still alive and Masahiro Distillery is famous for its production techniques, prominent qualities, and passion for innovation over 100 years. 

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How Okinawa Gin is made

Inspired by Okinawa's tradition and culture, we decided to utilize distillation techniques for local spirits in Awamori(rice spirits). Unlike distillers in the western countries, we distillate gin in 2 different single distillers to create an unique flavor which cannot be found anywhere else. Respecting traditional techniques which are used in this southern island over 130 years, we produce gin in an original manner until today.


Botanicals inspired by terroir

We are always inspired by Okinawa's terroir. Okinawa is a southern island between 2 oceans which is covered with mineral-rich soils. From a historical perspective, Okinawa was the cultural intersection in East Asia, which resulted in Okinawa's richness in farm products. In this context, we combined juniper berries with five botanicals which express Okinawa's terroir in a bottle.

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When Okinawa Gin was born

In 2017, Okinawa Gin was born in the southern island in Japan – Okinawa. When Okinawa Gin dropped in the distiller at the first time, we were in the middle of hot summer and felt Okinawa’s seasonal wind – Mahae. We still remember that our distiller was overflowed with aromas which we had never felt before.




1.Nose: Citrus aroma with freshness originally from a Japanese traditional spirits – rice spirits.

2.Taste: Feel freshness in a mouth due to its citrus and southern botanicals originally from Okinawa

3.Finish: Flavor lasts long after finishing a glass while you feel southern in a mouth

Product: Premium gin

Alcohol: 47 degree

Bottle: 700ml

Distiller: Masahiro Shuzo

Production: Made in Okinawa




Okinawa Rock is an iconic cocktail that allows us to explore Okinawa Gin's world

•Okinawa Gin: 40 ml

•Ice: Certain amount


It is recommended to make Okinawa Soda if you want to make cocktails even fresher


•Okinawa Gin: 40 ml

•Soda: Certain amount


Okinawa Ricky surprises us because it enhances Okinawa Gin's southern tastes in the mouth


•Okinawa Gin: 45 ml

•Lime: 1/2 piece

•Soda: Certain amount


Okinawa Sunset is an unique cocktail that allows us to experience Okinawa's sunset


•Okinawa Gin: 40ml

•Campari: 15ml

•Lemon juice: 15ml



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